I Make This Look Good

As is painfully obvious from my site, I shoot on location. I don't shoot on location because I hate studios, or because I love trying to replicate perfect lighting in imperfect spaces. I do it because I learned photography through the lens (sorry) of journalism - where every moment is documented without interference or alteration. 

Well. I still touch up your blemishes, and I've been known to edit entire children out of the background of photos. But I still prefer the candid, in-the-moment shots that come from letting clients just do their own thing. 

Buuuut, sometimes "on location" means you have to shoot a dozen of Austin's most talented and beautiful dancers in one of its least flattering, most unromantic of locations: Town Lake YMCA. 

As a fellow dancer with these women, I love Town Lake YMCA with all my heart. But weight benches and finger paintings on the walls don't scream "sass," which is what dance troupe Sass N Strut absolutely does. So in honor of the great battle against fluorescent lighting, here are some of my favorites from the past three series.

Cue shameless plug: If you'd like to dance in the next series, beginning Sept. 24, registration is open! Sign up here or check out Sass N Strut on Facebook and Instagram @sassnstrut

Put Some Sass In It

Every once in a while, the personal and professional collide. This week, I had a camera in hand and dancing shoes on my feet while shooting head shots for local dance group Sass N Strut, which I'm so lucky to be a part of! 

This season's performance, set to none other than Queen Bey's "Work It Out," included some strong and beautiful women decked out in gold, gold, and more than gold. Shot on-location in the dance studio ahead of our July performance, the photos from this session turned out fantastic!