I Make This Look Good

As is painfully obvious from my site, I shoot on location. I don't shoot on location because I hate studios, or because I love trying to replicate perfect lighting in imperfect spaces. I do it because I learned photography through the lens (sorry) of journalism - where every moment is documented without interference or alteration. 

Well. I still touch up your blemishes, and I've been known to edit entire children out of the background of photos. But I still prefer the candid, in-the-moment shots that come from letting clients just do their own thing. 

Buuuut, sometimes "on location" means you have to shoot a dozen of Austin's most talented and beautiful dancers in one of its least flattering, most unromantic of locations: Town Lake YMCA. 

As a fellow dancer with these women, I love Town Lake YMCA with all my heart. But weight benches and finger paintings on the walls don't scream "sass," which is what dance troupe Sass N Strut absolutely does. So in honor of the great battle against fluorescent lighting, here are some of my favorites from the past three series.

Cue shameless plug: If you'd like to dance in the next series, beginning Sept. 24, registration is open! Sign up here or check out Sass N Strut on Facebook and Instagram @sassnstrut