Oh, The Places You'll Go

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with four people that the world needs more of. Lisa, Bob, Anna, and Allyson of College Matchpoint are college and education consultants, and they help high school students in Austin, Texas. 

As College Matchpoint revamps their new website, we had some fun with an on-location session around the office. With gorgeous natural light and pops of color, I'm in love with the results from our photo shoot. Enjoy!

Put Some Sass In It

Every once in a while, the personal and professional collide. This week, I had a camera in hand and dancing shoes on my feet while shooting head shots for local dance group Sass N Strut, which I'm so lucky to be a part of! 

This season's performance, set to none other than Queen Bey's "Work It Out," included some strong and beautiful women decked out in gold, gold, and more than gold. Shot on-location in the dance studio ahead of our July performance, the photos from this session turned out fantastic! 

Look Mom, A Diploma!

With Mother's Day around the corner, Michael wanted to surprise his parents with photos to celebrate his college graduation. (Congrats, Michael!)

Wanting a portrait session that screamed "Austin!" Michael chose some iconic Austin locations for his locations, including the Blue Tile Wall on Sabine and the soon-to-be-relocated Baylor Street Art Wall. The results were brightly colored magic ... with a skateboard flip. 

Move Aside, Bud

Moving to Austin from Washington, DC, this photographer was used to annual excitement surrounding one flower, and one flower only: cherry blossoms. Tourists flock every April and May to view the gorgeous, pink flowers, and I shot more than a few engagement sessions there. 

Last weekend, I got a taste of a new flower fever, and one that starts earlier in the year: bluebonnets! Ava, who chose her own blue and purple outfit to match the violet flowers native to Texas, had a great time getting her portrait taken at Brushy Creek Lake Park in North Austin (technically Round Rock, but who's counting?) And I had a great time getting to know this gorgeous, delicate flower - which Ava didn't REALLY pick, officer. 

A Very Austin Graduation

Because I shoot on-location as a rule, clients often come to me for advice on what those locations should be. But when Linda anted three spots for her graduation photo shoot, she needed no recommendations. 

As a high school senior looking to stick close to Austin, Linda chose iconic spots that spoke to her as home: South Congress Street, the San Jose Hotel, and of course, the Texas Capitol. 

From Rocks to Gems

There are few places in Austin I love more than Mt. Bonnell. So when jewelry company From Rocks to Gems needed lifestyle photos for their beautiful pieces, I knew there was only one place to go. 

Sourcing all their jewelry from stones dug up by the owners themselves, From Rocks to Gems is a company that requires a natural backdrop. And no better spot than Mr. Bonnell. 

A DC Tog in Dixie: Feeling Rustic in Wells Branch

It's 2018! But I want to write about last November! #laterblog

November 2017 was a marathon month of family photography sessions, which gave me the chance to explore new locations outside of central Austin. My favorite, up in the 'burbs, was Katherine Fleischer Park in Wells Branch.

It's kiiind of a hike from one end to the other, but it's packed with things to do - playground, pool, community center, and all manner of sportsball fields and courts. But the big draw for me was a gorgeous covered gazebo and the rustic backdrop of the Gault Homestead, located near the entrance. 

Huge kudos are due to Trudy Y. and her family, not just for introducing this Austin-area newbie to the park (sometimes referred to as simply Wells Branch Park) but for their impressive color coordination.  Click through to view some of my favorites from the day below!

A DC Tog in Dixie: That's So Meta; The Picture of the Picture

A DC Tog in Dixie: That's So Meta; The Picture of the Picture

Selfies, group shots, Instagram, Snapchats – our attachments to social media mean we’re constantly on the lookout for a great image to share with our followers. Which means this gal, the IRL follower, is going to catch every dessert picture you snap.

A DC Tog in Dixie: The Many Faces of Mueller

Mueller Lake Park, how do I love you? Let me count the ways …  in pictures! 

Shortly after I moved to Austin this summer, a new friend and fellow photographer took me on a driving tour of her favorite outdoor photography spots. Mueller was on that list, and I fell in love immediately. The lake, the ivy-covered amphitheater, the playground … It was and is a family photographer’s dream. 

Fast forward a few months, and I’m still in love. Though I’ve recommended and shot in dozens of locations around Austin, Mueller remains my favorite. Looking back at the last few months of family photos, I was struck by how different each session turned out. Dozens of shoots, and no two look the same!

Jessica and her family, one of my first sessions, spent a summer day strolling around the water, leading to lovely mid-afternoon shots of the lake and plenty of greenery. Several months later, that same greenery turned into rare Texas foliage when Anna and her family did their post-Thanksgiving shoot there. 

Sunset and sunrise are equally gorgeous at Mueller: A very tired Qian family and an extremely upbeat Paris family made for some pretty different images at almost the same location on the lake (bonus – check out those giant steps!) 

And not to be outdone, even the shops around Muller Lake are great for photos. I was lucky enough to photograph Cristina and her family shortly before the holidays, when a beautiful display of umbrellas lined the walkway next to the Thinkery. I can’t wait to see what they install next – I’m sure it will make for some great photos. 

Cristina Nahidi and Family-3.JPG
Sarah Parris and Family-009.JPG