family photography

12 Days of Christmas Cards

This holiday season was a huge one in Austin! Despite the cloudy, rainy days that characterized most of our November and December, you all came out in full force - some repeat clients, and some new families looking to get holiday photos.

We shot at the Texas Capitol, Mueller Lake Park, Mt. Bonnell, the Austin Boardwalk, church, and of course, your beautiful homes. Families of all sizes, from 2 to 20, were represented, and the pups got their 15 minutes of fame as well. All in the name of that perfect holiday card.

Happy 2019, Austin! We nailed it.

Move Aside, Bud

Moving to Austin from Washington, DC, this photographer was used to annual excitement surrounding one flower, and one flower only: cherry blossoms. Tourists flock every April and May to view the gorgeous, pink flowers, and I shot more than a few engagement sessions there. 

Last weekend, I got a taste of a new flower fever, and one that starts earlier in the year: bluebonnets! Ava, who chose her own blue and purple outfit to match the violet flowers native to Texas, had a great time getting her portrait taken at Brushy Creek Lake Park in North Austin (technically Round Rock, but who's counting?) And I had a great time getting to know this gorgeous, delicate flower - which Ava didn't REALLY pick, officer.