A DC Tog in Dixie: That's So Meta; The Picture of the Picture

I have a confession to make: Even though I know it’s silly, and most photographers wouldn’t classify it as “good” photography, I am obsessed with taking pictures of people taking pictures.

I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the journalist in me that gets a thrill from being a fly on the wall, married with the artist in me that loves good composition. But taking pictures of a fellow photographer – or even an enthusiastic novice – getting that perfect shot is like a drug; it’s one I refuse to quit.

Being a portrait photographer, the opportunities to get these shots are few and far between. Usually I’m the only photographer there, and fortunately, my subjects give me their full attention. The proliferation of prosumer cameras has helped, as now every shutterbug with $800 can invest in a decent DSLR and bring it wherever they go (My heart aches for you, wedding photographers).

But thanks to smart phones, it’s event photography where the voyeur inside the voyeur comes out. Selfies, group shots, Instagram, Snapchats – our attachments to social media mean we’re constantly on the lookout for a great image to share with our followers. Which means this gal, the IRL follower, is going to catch every dessert picture you snap.

In honor of some of the killer events I got to shoot, I’ve compiled some of my favorite “picture within a picture” shots of 2017. Enjoy!